The Solid Serif Hug a Tub comprises a Shrubtub tree planter in combination with Solid Serif wall benches of Solid slats 7x7 cm - 2.8"x2.8") with a Rough&Ready end beam (7x15 cm - 2.8"x5.9"). The Shrubtubs tree planters offer a stable base structure for mounting Solid Serif wall benches.

The Solid Serif wall benches on these Serif Hug a Tub tree planters are joined together at the corners. The robust wall benches run parallel to the tree planter, which creates an attractive herringbone corner solution. As the Serif Hug a Tub configurations are mobile, various layouts are possible. They are highly suitable for introducing greenery into bare public squares or on concrete surfaces.

Planter dimensions: 150x150, 200x200 and 230x230 cm
59"x59", 79"x79" and 91"x91"
Height: 90 cm - 35"

Products supplied within the North American market are fully manufactured in the USA.


Solid Serif Hug a Tub | Seating - Metal / Wood

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