The Solid Curved Benches are part of the Solid family of Streetlife. The Solid slats of 7x7 cm (2.8"x 2.8") with narrow spacing give the bench a compact and refined solid look. The Solid Curved Bench consists of segments with a maximum length of ca. 200 cm that can be linked to create longer bench configurations.

The slats are fixed to the comb system which provides a lot of freedom to determine the radius of the bench. This allows the Solid Curved Bench to follow almost any curve in a landscape design. Ideal for long and playful sitting options in a park or on a large square.

The Solid Curved Bench is available in FSC® hardwood and in the new TWIN-material Cloudy Grey.

Products supplied within the North American market are fully manufactured in the USA.


Solid Curved Benches | Seating - Metal / Wood

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