Solid Serif Benches combine a seat made of Solid slats (7x7 cm - 2.8"x2.8") with a Rough&Ready locking beam (7x15 cm - 2.8"x5.9"). The spacious benches can be equipped with a beautifully designed double backrest that provides excellent ergonomic support for both shorter and taller people. The generously dimensioned benches can be extended as desired. The supports are made from thick-walled CorTen sheet steel or hot-dip galvanised steel (optional RAL powder coating).

Length: 234 and 300 cm - 92" and 118"
Width: 70 (9 slats) and 116 cm (15 slats) - 28" and 46"

Products supplied within the North American market are fully manufactured in the USA.


Solid Serif Benches | Seating - Metal / Wood

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