The Rough&Ready (R&R) Circular Tree Isles have a diameter of three, four or five metres. The Tree Isles are constructed from CorTen steel retaining walls with a R&R Crosswise seat made from FSC hardwood or All Black beams. The beams are oriented radially, which creates a natural anti-skate solution. These distinct Tree Isles stand alone on a stable surface or flush with the ground. The standard depth below ground level is 15 cm - 6".

The R&R Crosswise seat is integrated into the CorTen sheet structure. Thanks to the Streetlock® fix-and-replace system, the beams are easy to replace - handy in the event of damage.

In the R&R Circular Tree Isles Italic, the walls of the isles are placed at an angle, which provides more legroom but above all creates a dynamic appearance. The Italic walls can be used in all isles with an R&R Curved seat.

Products supplied within the North American market are fully manufactured in the USA.


Rough&Ready Circular Tree Isles | Seating - Metal / Wood

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