The Solid Peano Benches are L-shaped benches with a solid, closed design fitted with FSC hardwood slats measuring 7x7 cm - 2.8"x2.8". The bench is inspired by the "Peano Curve" by the mathematical philosopher Guiseppe Peano, the Curve being a line with 90 ° angles. The benches are linked with attractive joints to create an angular configuration or a straight extended arrangement. In the corner arrangement the beams are mounted in a herringbone pattern.

The new USB Power Charger can be mounted on the end of the Solid Peano Bench. On request, recesses can also be made in the support units for the installation of LED lighting or, for example, sockets. These smart options can be added to furniture in work areas or learning environments such as a university campus.

Dimensions: 219/234x46x47 cm

Products supplied within the North American market are fully manufactured in the USA.


Solid Peano Benches | Seating - Metal / Wood

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