06-20-22 | Association News

The IA Celebrates July Smart Irrigation Month

The Irrigation Association looks forward this month
by Staff

The IA has a number of resources for irrigation professionals on its website.

July has once again been announced as Smart Irrigation Month at the Irrigation Association this year. The IA celebrates the benefits of intelligent and efficient irrigation and the use of water preservation during the entire month of July. This year, Smart Irrigation Month is sponsored by HydroPoint, with the theme being "Proud of our past. Focused on our future." This means that the IA will be celebrating both the original innovators in irrigation technology as well as people who are working right now to make the future of irrigation better for everyone. "Smart and sustainable irrigation practices are valued year-round, and July is an opportunity to collectively promote their use and tout the benefits of using smart irrigation products and technologies," said the IA's CEO, Natasha Rankin, MBA, CAE. Being that there is currently a severe drought in California, now is the perfect time to spotlight individuals that are making an effort to conserve water.



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