05-12-23 | News

Senate Introduces Living Schoolyards Act Supported By ASLA

Legislation Promoting Green Space for Kids
by Staff

The Living Schoolyards Act would create the Outdoor Learning Spaces Grants program that would direct funding towards the establishment of outdoor classrooms and learning spaces.

The Living Schoolyards Act, introduced by Senator Martin Heinrich (D-NM), seeks to provide funding for the development and implementation of green schoolyards across the country. The bill focuses on improving the outdoor environments of public schools, making them more sustainable, resilient, and educational for students. Specifically, it aims to provide grants to schools and local communities for the construction or enhancement of outdoor classrooms, gardens, nature trails, and other green infrastructure projects.


The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) released a statement in support of this proposed legislation. Torey Carter-Conneen, ASLA CEO, explained the associations position on this bill in saying, "The Living Schoolyards Act is a multi-purpose policy that improves climate resilience, supports biodiversity, increases educational opportunities, and improves wellness for children as well as for the surrounding community. By creating spaces that inspire and connect children to nature, we can help shape the next generation of environmental leaders to tackle the complex challenges facing our planet. The American Society of Landscape Architects supports the Living Schoolyards Act and urges Congress to pass it."

Senator Heinrich summarized the bill in explaining, "The Living Schoolyards Act will help schools develop outdoor learning environments that introduce more kids to new experiences on their journey to academic success."


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