04-27-20 | Association News

Last Week for WLAM 2020

Add Your Voice and Story During this Historic Time

Take part in the World Landscape Architect Month by sharing photos and videos, promoting the event on Facebook and creating a work of visual are, illustration or design.

It is an age we hope never having to repeat, but with that being said, life continues on as routinely as possible including events that lend themselves well to social distancing through social media and virtual gatherings.


And so, ASLA reminds us all that this is the final few days to join in and add to the "incredible mosaic we're creating this month." To do so, share your videos and photos on social media with the hashtags, #WLAM2929 and #LifeGrowsHere.

Frame your Facebook photo by using this link. You can also add the frame from your Profile page by clicking "Update" on your picture, "Add a Frame," and searching for "WLAM2020."

And participate in the Landscape Institute of the Universidad CatA?lica de CA?rdoba's "Landscape Through My Window" competition.

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