01-23-23 | News

Zeager Bros, Inc.

Quality, Integrity & Innovation
by Staff

Looking to reduce playground maintenance costs? The Zero-Fill™ TuffMat® from Zeager Bros. Inc. is your maintenance saving playground mat. The Zero-Fill™ TuffMat® is a full-depth wear mat that requires no fill under or above the mat. The Zero-Fill™ TuffMat® eliminates the need to fill in holes under swings and slide exits, which means significantly less maintenance. Now, simply place the Zero-Fill™ TuffMat® on the ground and then spread WoodCarpet® around it. It's never been easier to reduce your maintenance! All TuffMat® playground mats are certified for fall protection and carry our exclusive 5 year warranty.

Zeager Bros., Inc.
4000 E. Harrisburg Pike,
Middletown, PA 17057


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