11-12-21 | News

US Department of Interior and EPA Recommit to Supporting Urban Water Development

15 Organizations Renew Partnership

The Urban Waters Federal Partnership, as described by the Department of the Interior, "brings together 15 federal agencies to work collaboratively with local communities and partners to restore urban waterways and their environments to boost recreational opportunities, help local economies, create jobs, and protect the health of Americans. The federal agencies currently support 20 locations across the nation with financial and technical assistance to address community-driven priorities."

The United States Department of the Interior, in conjunction with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and 13 other federal and non-federal agencies, announced they have recommitted to the Urban Waters Federal Partnership ten years after it began. This partnership is said to help develop communities' connection to water to create economic, public heath, environmental, and social benefits. Tanya Trujillo, the assistance secretary for water and science for the Department of the Interior, communicated that part of the goal of the partnership is to conserve and restore "30 percent of lands and water by 2030."


Additionally, the EPA assistant administrator for water, Radhika Fox, expressed excitement as she said, "With the 10th anniversary of the Urban Waters Federal Partnership and the 50th anniversary of the Clean Water Act, EPA is celebrating transformational improvements to our waters-including in our urban centers."


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