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Time To Celebrate!

Welcome to this Celebration issue of LASN
by Staff

Time To Celebrate!

Welcome to LASN's ASLA 2022 Show issue. For LASN it's a time to celebrate . . . In this issue we celebrate the 27 ASLA Members who have graduated to the Class of Fellows. We celebrate a dozen firms from the region whose work we found to be exemplary. We celebrate the dozens of advertisers who have submitted corporate profiles to help you understand the products and services they offer. We celebrate the growth of, which was launched in March of 2020 (yeah, the same March that saw the whole world shut down and quarantine) and now sees more than 2.5 million page views a year, and we celebrate the growth of the new Product Search engine LADetails, which was launched with and now generates more than 113,000 monthly product page views for 350+ vendors, featuring some 20,000 products.


LASN is also celebrating our recent circulation audit which shows that, not only is LASN the only magazine to be MAILED to virtually every Licensed Landscape Architect in the Nation, but we beat the closest competition by a factor of 3!

These are crazy times . . . Gas in California is up to and over $7.00/gal and prices everywhere are going through the roof. Baby formula is still in short supply as is the paper used to print this issue, (in fact, until it is actually printed, I won't know exactly which grade and type of paper will be used) and LASN is actually mailed to three times as many landscape architects as the member-based association publication, 19,026 vs 5,895!

So, Welcome to this Celebration issue of LASN. We hope to see many of you in the City by the Sea and celebrate this great profession, celebrate our emergence from the pandemic, celebrate the success of LASN, and LADetails, and celebrate you, the 19,000 + Licensed Landscape Architects across the country who are making this world a better place. . . One landscape at a time . . .

God Bless . . .

George Schmok, Publisher

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