11-04-16 | Legislation
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Blacklisting Rule Put On Hold
A Texas judge issued a preliminary injunction against the Fair Play and Safe Workplaces final rule, known as the blacklisting rule, which would require contractors bidding for certain federal work to disclose any accusation, proved or not, that they violated labor laws in the past three years. The Associated Builders and Contractors and its Southwest Texas chapter were parties to a lawsuit that challenged the rule that was set to take effect Oct. 25.


Second Delay for Drug Testing Restriction
After postponing until Nov. 1 its new anti-retaliation regulation that would restrict post-accident drug testing, OSHA pushed the date to Dec. 1 to give a U.S. District Court more time to rule on the issue. The regulation requires an employer's procedure for reporting work-related injuries to not discourage employees from doing so, which the threat of post-incident drug testing could.

Whistleblower Considerations
OSHA also published a final rule that establishes procedures and time frames for handling whistleblower complaints alleging violations by employers of the Affordable Care Act, which protects employees from retaliation for raising concerns.


Helping to Maintain Legacies
Congress is considering legislation that would block the IRS from implementing a proposed rule that would make it more difficult for a family-owned business to be passed down after the death of an owner by eliminating certain discounts of the value of a business's assets. The National Ready Mix Concrete Association is working with a coalition in support of the legislation.


Garden State Gas Tax Increase
New Jersey lawmakers passed a 23 cents per gallon gas tax hike to help fund the state's transportation trust. According to the Associated Press, Gov. Christie is expected to approve the bill that would create the nation's sixth-highest gas tax, up from 49th before.

As seen in LC/DBM magazine, November 2016.

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