12-28-21 | News

Shauna Gillies-Smith, FASLA

Ground, Inc., Somerville, MA

Boston Chapter | Works

Over the past 25 years, Shauna Gillies-Smith's notable body of work balances innovative design, elegant detailing, and clever problem solving to create evocative and welcoming urban spaces. Working across project types and almost exclusively in the public realm, Shauna's landscapes are grounded in an ethos of social responsibility and her ability to apply expressive form and materiality in ways that are original and inspiring, yet pragmatic and timeless. As a teacher for over two decades, a frequent speaker at national conferences, and in leadership roles such as chairing the Urban Design Committee of the Boston Society of Architects, Shauna has demonstrated a multi-faceted approach to promoting landscape architecture. Since Ground was launched in 2007, the firm has won design awards every year since 2009. Among its award-winning projects are: Tree House Residence Hall, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston-a gathering area embracing bold artistic expression that fosters intimacy; Collaborative Learning and Innovation Complex (CLIC), Tufts University, Medford, MA-outdoor breakout spaces showcasing resilient strategies in an artful and functional way; and MassArt Design & Media Center (DMC)/MassArt Art Museum (MAAM), Boston-a pixelated entry garden and a painterly planting strategy of yellow and purple flowering ribbons. Through her unique command of design and cross- disciplinary advocacy, Shauna has become a recognized national voice in landscape architecture with a distinctive body of dynamic and elegantly detailed public landscapes.


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