02-05-21 | News

President's Push for Electrical Cars Could Hurt Infrastructure Funding

Electric Cars Raise Concern Over Gas Tax

The Biden Administration is hoping to replace all of the 650,000 government cars within electric alternatives.

Early in his presidency, Biden has pushed to increase the amount and availability of electric cars within the United States in an attempt to adhere to his climate change agenda.


However, as reported by NBC News, these actions could have an impact on the funding for infrastructure for cities as states as there would likely be a drop in the revenue created from gas taxes. Their report explained this issue in saying, "the president's broader push to see American motorists switch from gas to battery power threatens to put even further strains on the already shrinking federal Highway Trust Fund used to maintain roads and bridges." The Highway Trust Fund is largely dependent on gas taxes which has already experience a drop in recent months due to the lack of travel created by the pandemic.


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