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Porous Pave Inc.

Environmentally Friendly Surfacing

Made from 100% recycled tires, stone aggregate and a proprietary binding agent, Porous Pave is an eco-friendly surfacing material with endless applications.

Porous Pave is a pour-in-place material that is mixed on-site and applied as a single, monolithic pour. Installation is much faster than traditional pavers and easier than concrete to finish. Best of all, Porous Pave is fully cured in 24 hours and ready for use. The unique design of the material allows the entire surface area to be porous, allowing an amazing 5,800 gallons of water per hour to pass through each square foot of surface area. Porous Pave is ADA compliant and is available in a number of different constructions and different colors. Common applications include paths and trails, tree surrounds, playgrounds, cart paths and bunker liners for golf courses.

Porous Pave Inc. has a network of Certified Installers. Or, they can train and certify your team, contractor, course maintenance crew or municipality.

Contact Porous Pave Inc. today and discover how they are transforming scrap tires into beautiful, permeable solutions. Be sure to ask what's happening in your state with scrap tire grants.

Porous Pave Inc.
4385 East 110th Grant MI 49327


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