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NYC Tree Map

Check Stats of 861,453 Trees Across the City
by Staff

The New York City Parks Department began the first ever tree map in 2015 and have continued the update the program and add new features through the assistance of non-profits and community outreach.

As the first tree map to this extent, in 2022, the New York Parks Department tree map was updated to include inspections and work orders, forested areas, and trees in parks.


As the most comprehensive and up-to-date living tree map in the world, the NYC Tree Map helps people learn more about each tree in their city. The map is divided into the five bouroughs and neighborhoods; as you zoom in you will notice brighter, deeper greens to symbolize more trees. Since 2015, the City of New York's Parks Department and non-profits have worked to catalog the trees across the city and create an interactive map. In 2021, City Council signed Local Law 20 of 2021. This legislation requires parks to maintain a regularly updated map. As a result, the parks department now makes information about inspections and tree work available on the tree map.

In this 2022 update, the NYC Nature Map features natural areas such as forests and wetlands that will be indicated with dark green spaces on the map. Some other features of the map include stewardship and volunteering where you can select a tree, record your care, and let the database know the date, time, and type of pro-bono work you did.

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