09-10-21 | News

NRPA Survey Shows Strong Support in Schools Partnering with Parks and Recreation

Park and Recreation Partnerships Creates Equitable Access

In a NRPA survey recently released, 82 percent of U.S. adults agree that it is important that park and recreation agencies partner with local schools to create greater access to amenities.

More than three in five U.S. adults agree in a survey by the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) that park and recreation partnerships with schools creates equitable access to amenities and that these partnerships are extremely or very important.

82 percent of U.S. adults also agree that it's important that park and recreation agencies and local schools partner together to create access to open spaces and amenities such as school playgrounds and school fields.

"Educators and park and recreation professionals share a common goal - to support community members by providing increased physical activity opportunities that improve mental and physical health and well-being," said Kevin Roth, NRPA vice president of research, evaluation and technology. "By working together and combining resources, we can strengthen and expand the number of quality recreation opportunities available to the community."


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