05-24-21 | Association News

NRPA Release Statement on the Creation of an Equitable Future

The Association Created Steps to Achieve an Equitable Future

NRPA is working towards creating parks and recreation for every American. Their Equitable Future Statement set forth the route they are taking towards creating equality in parks and recreation.

The National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) released a statement expressing the desire to create quality parks and recreation in every community.


NRPA estimates that as many as 100 million people or 30 percent of the U.S. population lacks access to parks and recreation.

To build this future, NRPA is focused on key areas that they believe will aid in achieving this goal of total accessibility for all. The first key area to reach this goal is to learn from the systemic inequities that have created negative experiences in one's community. The second key area is to strengthen organizational culture and practices that is centered around equity as well as diversity, inclusion, trust and continuous learning. NRPA is also embedding equity, inclusion, and diversity into how they prepare the park and recreation field for the future. Lastly, they aim to create equity-centered outcomes while also working towards breaking down barriers.


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