07-13-21 | News

NRPA Begins Park and Recreation Month

July 16 is Parks and Recreation Professionals Day

July is Parks and Recreation month. This month we appreciate the Parks and Recreation professionals in communities across the country that bring new experiences to those that otherwise would not have these activities. July 16 is Parks and Recreation Professionals day.

The National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) is honoring Parks and Recreation through their month-long celebration. This year's theme is "Our Park and Recreation Story."

Throughout July, NRPA is encouraging parks and recreation agencies to share their stories and experiences. Since 1985, the U.S. has celebrated Park and Recreation Month in July to promote strong communities that are granted the opportunity to have new experiences.

"While the COVID-19 pandemic has presented us with unique challenges in how we gather and interact, local parks have remained essential, with many of our community members finding a new appreciation for the park and recreation professionals that manage the vital programs they rely on," said NRPA President and CEO Kristine Stratton, "Along the way, parks and recreation have become the center of so many experiences and memories - moments that park and recreation professionals help make happen."

Park and Recreation Professionals Day is July 16.


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