07-01-20 | Association News

NLC Survey Reflects Trouble for Cities' Economic Recovery

74% of Municipalities Have Made Cuts

In the analysis of their survey, NLC expressed concern over the economic outlook of the country.

The National League of Cities put together a survey in which they found over 1,100 municipalities from all over the country to participate. They were able to collect data from those participants on their perspective of the impact COVID-19 has had on the cities and towns in the United States. They found that "74% of municipalities have already started making unavoidable cuts and adjustments in response to the projected $360 billion revenue loss for cities over the next three years."


This information certainly does not shed a positive light on the current situation of the country. Additional data discovered that "65% of cities are being forced to delay or completely cancel capital expenditures and infrastructure projects." NLC suggests that these numbers are problematic as they will reflect the likely outcome in which job growth and local economic activity is stifled. Greater than that, they believe that economic recovery efforts could be significantly jeopardized based on the current outlook.

NLC CEO, Clarence Anthony expressed the weight of the situation in saying, "Without congressional action now, the forced delay or cancellation of infrastructure projects will create an economic ripple effect throughout the nation not felt in decades." There is a worry that the cuts made to infrastructure projects will have a strong negative impact on individuals and the essential services in the scope of the cuts, both of which are essential to the country's economic recovery.

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