07-13-20 | Association News

NLC Supports Moving Forward Act's Emphasis on Environmental Programs

Moving Forward Act Passed the House on July 1

The Outdoor For All Act will help provide hundreds of parks for communities throughout the United States.

The House passing the Moving Forward Act has received widespread praise for associations and organizations in a broad range of industries throughout the country. Among them, the National League of Cities (NLC) made a statement regarding their support for the legislation on July 1. They have come out again to show appreciation for the bill's improvements on energy and environment programs embedded within it.

The NLC's identified four ways in which the Moving Forward Act bolstered environment and energy programs. They explained that the bill makes improvements on water infrastructure, promotes clean energy, and revitalizes and builds weather resilience for communities.

Infrastructural improvements have been a point of emphasis in recent times, with the new bill moving its way through congress. NLC explained that water infrastructure fits in that same conversation, "From aging infrastructure to drought, resilience, and addressing contamination from PFAS and lead, the Moving Forward Act would provide grants, financing mechanisms, innovations and incentives to improve our nation's water infrastructure."

Furthermore, the bill reauthorizes the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block grant, which provides aid in the reduction of energy use in local environments. It is estimated that $70 billion will go towards the advancement of electrical grids to be able to implement new systems for renewable energy.

It was also noted that the Outdoor For All Act, a component of the Moving Forward Act, can provide hundreds of acres of parkland and open spaces for communities. The association has also recognized the benefit this bill offers for smaller towns and cities, especially considering how the pandemic has negatively affected local governments' abilities to fund infrastructure and other projects. In the discussion of building up communities, NLC said, "The bill would help build community resilience to extreme weather events through a multi-sector approach covering transportation, water, and disaster preparedness."

The Moving Forward Act has built up considerable momentum in its passing of the House. We will continue to provide updates on the legislation's progress and statements from associations within the industry.


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