08-31-22 | News

NLC Reports on Nature Enhancing Transportation Investments

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Will Fund a Number of Enhancements Related to Access to Nature
by Staff

The NLC have collected a large number of grants that cities can apply for in order to in-crease access to nature, specifically for children.

Now that President Biden has passed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, many previously deferred public works projects can now resume in full force. The National League of Cities (NLC) point out that not only is this a great time for cities to invest in sustainable infrastructure, but to also make sure that they keep in mind things like Complete Streets so that the new access to nature excels in what it sets out to do.


The NLC specifically point to the many different grants on offering right now that the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will fund that can increase equitable access to nature for children in transportation networks. Some of these are the Transportation Alternatives program, the Recreational Trails program, the PROTECT Grants, and the Carbon Reduction Program. Especially for "disadvantaged communities" of which NLC states that the grants will give special considerations to, many cities will likely take advantage of these new funding opportunities.


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