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Next Thursday Webinar with Blake Thilmony

Behind the Scenes Benefits of PGRs in the Landscape
by Staff

Sign up today for Rainbow Ecoscience's Blake Thilmony January 19th webinar on the benefits of PGRs in the landscape.

Webinar Description:
This session will explore the science of plant growth regulators and the secondary benefits they can provide when being used in landscape management. We will review data that demonstrates their use in reducing irrigation requirements and increasing drought tolerance in trees & shrubs.

Learning Objectives:

1. Learn the mode of action and uses of type II PGRs in the landscape.
2. Discover secondary benefits of PGRs with science backed research.
3. Review emerging research demonstrating positive effects in water reduction and drought tolerance for shrubs.

Blake Thilmony
Blake Thilmony is the Senior Research Scientist on the R&D team for Rainbow Ecoscience. Blake's role is to design and manage various research projects and trials to develop new products, protocols, and equipment for the green industry.

Blake began working with Rainbow Tree Companies in 2017, after earning her Master's in Plant Science from North Dakota State University. Blake began as a plant healthcare technician before joining the Vegetation Management division of the company, managing tree growth under powerlines with Cambistat applications. Her background in plant healthcare, experience, and technical expertise launched her into a research role in 2018; she has taken on several research projects, including PGR (plant growth regulator) research, reduced irrigation trials, development of the Quantum tree injector, and many others. Blake has since become the senior researcher with a commitment to transform way that landscapes are managed in the urban environment, continuously seeking out new innovative technologies and methods to improve plant healthcare.

CEUs/PDHs: Credits: ISA 1, APLD 1,PGMS 1


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