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NAHB Election Predictions

NAHB CEO and Chief Lobbyist Share Election Predictions
by Staff

The NAHB thinks that the GOP will generally try to hold seats in the house rather than capture more.

In the most recent episode of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Podcast, Housing Developments, NAHB CEO Jerry Howard and Chief Lobbyist Jim Tobin discuss the possible results of the upcoming midterm elections.

Tobin and Howard first discussed which states could flip this year from blue to red for the House of Representatives. Connecticut, New York, and a number of traditionally blue states in the northeast are potentially up for grabs from Republicans.

Most of the South is expected to stay red this midterm election, as is typical. On the other hand, Howard and Tobin pointed out that in the Midwest, there is expected to be a large blue overturn. There were a number of reasons provided, one being that many current Republican candidates in that area have been in power for a very long time.


Howard and Tobin also pointed to California for Republican gains, saying they might be able to pick up a San Diego seat. They also discussed that there is potential for Orange County to flip back from Katie Porter as she is not well liked overall.

The NAHB podcasters believe that the Republicans will gain around 30 seats in the House of Representatives during this midterm election cycle.

For the Senate, Howard and Tobin predict that the Republicans will keep the majority, though not by a massive lead. The numbers that they threw out were 51 and 53, respectively, for the number of Republicans in the Senate.

Howard also predicted that before Christmas Ron DeSantis will announce his intent to run for president; Tobin agreed, but thought he would wait until the new year to announce it. Tobin pointed out that a number of states take a while to count votes, meaning that many states' results will not be announced right away.

If you would like to learn more about what kind of candidates the NAHB favors, they have a webpage dedicated to its political endorsements based on the candidates' views that you can find here:


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