07-09-20 | Association News

NAHB Announces They Are Accepting Applications for Awards

The Association Runs 15 Awards Programs

A wide variety of awards programs are held by NAHB that celebrate the accomplishments of individuals and organizations throughout the industry.

At that beginning of July, NAHB announced that they are open for applications for their awards for 2020. The association has 15 awards programs, covering a broad range of individuals and organizations within the industry. In the announcement, they advertised the program by encouraging their audience by promoting the idea that, "NAHB has many opportunities for builders, remodelers and other housing industry professionals to highlight their excellent work and accomplishments throughout the year through prestigious awards. "

By communicating with Kimberly Bailey, vice president of customized member services for NAHB, she was able to outline the program and how it worked. "We currently have 15 awards programs in specialty areas of the industry that bring around 2,000 applications each year. Each of the 15 awards programs has a committee of NAHB members and industry experts that review and judge the applications based on the criteria set for each category." She continued by estimating that the association has been running an awards program for over 50 years.


When asked what characteristics NAHB looks for in their award winners, Bailey disclosed that "for individual-based awards, we are looking for people who have excelled in their field and given back to their community. For project-based awards, we recognize key elements like innovative marketing, industry-leading design and construction, and lifestyle."

The program's goal is to honor entities that have displayed an admirable sense of innovative capabilities and strong dedication in the profession. The different recognitions cover a broad range of various notable accomplishments with the industry, "Whether it's a stellar project or product, an outstanding company or an inspiring team member, winners of NAHB's various awards programs highlight the best and brightest in homebuilding. Numerous opportunities are available across the Federation to recognize innovation and dedication throughout the industry."

In a conversation with Lisa Parrish, a promoter for The Nationals, she said that The Nationals started in 1982 and is the most significant event in the NAHB's awards program, which receives about 13,000 entries. When asked what the organization looks for in the award winners, Parrish talked about how there is a focus on appreciating individuals who have demonstrated excellence in marketing and sales, which includes everything from branding through implementation to the consumer. This process helps bring the dream to life for everyone involved in the project.

Parrish was also questioned about the judging process for this program in which she described how each entry submits imagery, plans, and a narrative to support their candidacy. From there, a collection of judges deliberates over all the submitted material during a three-day meeting. They conclude the session by composing a list of Silver Award Winners, the nominees, and the Gold Winner. It is considered a great honor to be a Silver Award Winner and even more to take home the Gold.

Submission deadlines for each program vary between August 31 through October 31.

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