11-10-20 | News Volunteers in Election Process

Political Rally Forms Outside Government Building observes the voting taking place at the County of Orange Registrar of Voters.

Since November 3, much of the national conservation has gravitated around the elections. And while most races have already played out, there is still a considerable amount of counting to be done throughout the country. Recognizing the necessity for ballot observers LASN and Editor Aaron Schmok and Publisher George Schmok took the morning to witness and participate in the vote counting process in Orange County, CA. While the organization of the ballot observation process was questionable, despite being considered one of the more efficient California counties in this regard, according to Aaron, "it was great to participate in an event upholding the integrity of the process."


Upon completion of their civic duties for the day, they exited to the facility and were surprised by activities taken place just outside of the building. A large rally had just begun, advocating for a fair and legal election, while also acknowledging the successful process taking place in the County of Orange Registrar of Voters to the point of actively encouraging rally attendees to not speak ill of the employees inside.

Time will tell exactly how everything will play out, but as Schmok continued, "it's worth pursuing the ability to hear both sides of discussion and to physically experience the process as the nation sifts through perhaps its most unprecedented and unique election."


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