06-30-21 | News

Hilo Hotel Opens and Partnered with The Hawaii Wildlife Foundation

Soul Community Planet Hotel Looks to Create A More Environmentally Conscious Tourism Industry

A new hotel concept with a focus on health, wellness, and the environment called the Seoul Community Planet Hotel. The hotel has partnered with the Hawaii Wildlife Foundation to achieve the goal of clean beaches through a program called the Pristine Makai program.

Founded on the core values of wellness, kindness, and sustainability, the Soul Community Planet (SCP), is a soul, community and planet conscious hotel concept that just opened a new hotel in Hawaii with the mission to clean beaches through a partnership with the Hawaii Wildlife Foundation.

Formerly the Hilo Seaside Hotel, the Seoul Community Planet Hotel opened on June 1 and launched a program called the Pristine Makai program which is working to remove trash and debris from the southern coast of the island.

"By cleaning the trash, we're really just treating the symptoms," Soul Community Planet Co-Founder and CEO Ken Cruse explained. "What we really want is to raise awareness of the root cause of the problem: this overly wasteful behavior."

The Pristine Makai program will also donate one dollar to the Hawaii Wildlife Fund for each stay at the hotel. SCP currently participates in One Tree Planted where the company gives guests the opportunity to plant trees while the company has already played a role in 25,000 new plantings, lighting the home of a family that is caring for a terminally ill child through Miracles for Kids, and by providing a child that gives them the tools to create meaningful connections through WE Well-being lessons that gives youth the tools to build life-long skills that promotes mental well-being.

"Every time a guest chooses to stay at an SCP Hotel, not only do they get to enjoy SCP's exceptional service, amenities and bohemian vibe, they also are consciously choosing to join a community that is driving positive change in the world around us," said Cruse.

The chain currently has hotels in Colorado Springs, Depoe Bay, Oregon, Redmond, Oregon, and Gleneden Beach, Oregon. Cruse says that SCP works to reduce the amount of waste that a typical American hotel guest produces during a typical hotel stay by eliminating disposable plastics, eliminating single use plastic bottles, removing plastic shower amenities, using eco-friendly materials in construction, and adding energy efficient utilities while utilizing solar power, and through SCP's partnership with the Wildlife Foundation.


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