01-07-22 | News

Fertilizer Prices Up

Year-Over-Year Prices Up 100 Percent

Amid inflation, tariffs, and steep demand, fertilizer prices continue to spike and squeeze farmer profits. The Family Farm Action Alliance sent a letter to the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate the price hikes.

Fertilizer prices have spiked over the last year due to several issues such as storms, natural gas used for production, and inflation, farmers with the Family Farm Action Alliance have since asked the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate.

Average retail prices for most fertilizers continued to jump the first week of December 2021 according to sellers surveyed by DTN. Nitrogen fertilizers maintained the top spot.


"Global fertilizer prices have reached record highs this year, in part due to soaring prices for the natural gas used to produce them, and severe storms in the United States that disrupted production," according to a December 9 Reuters article.

Retail fertilizer prices compared to a year ago show that all fertilizers have increased significantly, with several fertilizers having well over 100 percent price increases.

The Biden administration has since pledged to investigate the agriculture sector consolidation, which farmers have long said caused a cut in their profits.


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