01-21-22 | News

EPA Awards $3.6 Million Towards Technologies to Protect the Environment

Funding Distributed to 9 Business in the United States

Sustainable construction materials is among EPA?EUR(TM)s priorities in the $400,000 received by each of the nine businesses.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced $36 million in funds going to nine business throughout the United States to advance and commercialize technologies that protect the environment and public health. The EPA?EUR(TM)s focus is on technologies that address PFAS destruction, ethylene oxide monitoring, water reuse, and sustainable construction materials.


Martha Guzman, EPA Pacific Southwest Regional Administrator, further explained the agency?EUR(TM)s focus in saying, "These companies?EUR(TM) efforts to bring their technologies to market will pave the way for advances in water reuse, environmental monitoring, and energy efficient construction."

The $3.6 million averages $400,000 per company and is Phase II of the EPA?EUR(TM)s efforts in advancing environmental technology. Phase I involved a $100,000 contract to the same nine companies as part of the EPA?EUR(TM)s Small Business Innovation Research program.


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