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Comments on Presidential Candidates

What Landscape Architects Had to Say About the Presidential Candidates

Our 2020 Election Survey revealed what many Landscape Architects and other Landscape professionals stand as we approach the election.

The responses from our 2020 Election Survey are organized by the candidate they support.

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Pro Trump
• keep America great.
• The corruption in the Democrat party has gone overboard. The fact that 3 years of crying 'Russia' all the while knowing it was made up AND including players in the FBI through it all is frankly terrifying, since no one has been held accountable. No one from ANY party should be subject to stuff like that. And that is just one example. The democrats will not get my vote due to their own actions. Trump now appeals to me because neither party really likes him because he is an outsider. Both parties are too powerful to do the common people any good. Trump proved he can get the economy going, and frankly, I have begun to like his 'un-presidential- ness' because I don't think anyone who has been 'trained' to be a politician is sincere in regards to everyday working people. I am turned off by how LandscapeArchitect and the Landscape Architect organizations out there all seem to be so liberal. I think our organizations would be better if people were open to listening to opposing sides instead of 'assuming' anything they do is bad. One sided thinking does not invite new ideas and creativity, in any aspect of our lives. Thanks for listening. :)
• President Trump has undone most of the damage done by Obama's admin. Almost 4 million jobs created since his election, more than400,000 manuf jobs created, 4.2 % economic growth, supports & defends religious liberty & free speech (exe order may 4, 2017), is Pro Life, signed Hong Kong Human Rights & Democracy Act, supports gender equality & women's equality, supports & rebuilt our military, supports of police, LOVES AMERICA, OUR FREEDOMS and REFUSES TO ALLOW the demoncrats to turn the USA into a socialist country, where we would no longer have private property or a reason to work hard..refused to join the Paris Accord - which makes the US pay the lion's share while China & India contribute the largest polution...refused to continue paying the UN a larger share than any other country, is taking our economy back from China. HE IS THE BEST, MOST SUCCESSFUL PRESIDENT IN OUR HISTORY. Vote for the Republican party platform, it supports all I believe in. And yeah, I'm one of the few LAs that didn't drink the kool-aid on the whole Climate Change scare tactic, science does not support it ....follow the money & you'll see why
• I'm not for socialism.
• Do not appreciate ASLA' s liberal views expressed on my behalf -which I can not support
• Economy
• Businessman who will help get economy moving again. Don't trust the democrats to do anything but make a mess of it.
• my family snuck out of an iron curtain country controls by the Soviets in the 1970's - no way I am voting for a party that is leaning so far left. If it was the democratic party of the 1960s they would win in a landslide.
• The Democrats gave us the greatest recession since the 1929 depression after they took over Congress in the 2006 election. They trashed Bush's economy with the Dodd-Frank and CRA legislation. I lost everything including my job, home, savings and marriage.
• Trump is good for the economy!
• So many in ASLA think that Republicans cannot also be "environmentally conscious" --- wrong!
• Old Man Joe and his Kid Pro Quo, A father and son on the make. What did it take to sell us out cold to Russia, Ukraine, to Red China, Inc.? What did they think in the White House that day, pay-to-play was okay in the US of A? It's twenty for me and ten for thee, our deal will go down in history! Now the water gate's open, the flood can't be plugged and all the VEEP's horses and all the VEEP's thugs Cry "hoax!", bray and rant but they can't bleach this laptop or whitewash the tale of the White House for sale by Old Man Joe and his Kid Pro Quo. - The Rhetoric Room © 2020
• Capitalism is the only way to achieve the environmental reform we desire. It never works when a government forces people to do something, either through law or taxation.
• I am voting for ALL other Republicans that love our country and support the foundations it was built upon!
• Trump has been great for this country, reduced regulation and a great economy.
• Very against job killing socialist policies!
• I am pro-life (vs. pro-murder) Joe Biden is a criminal - as are most lifetime politicians I work too hard for my money to give 60% to the govt/taxes Joe Biden does not have a clue about operating a business, much less this country - Joe can't even remember what office he is running for
• I do not want to be taxed to death. Worked hard for my wealth and have it in a trust property and money to go to my family without being taxed again and again. Hate havint to pay tax on SS distribution.
• Democrats will ruin this country. Socialism is not something I'm interested in. Proven over and over to decimate a country.
• I don't think Biden can make 4 years.

• Not for him but I am against Biden Harris and there economic programs

Pro Biden
• Biden is in much greater alignment with my personal and professional ethics concerning the environment, public land management, science, social equality, public education, and truth.
• Biden pays his contractors. Trump doesn't
• A President should never lie so willingly and freely. A political party should not lie so blatantly and should not tolerate open and blatant lying from a President
• An anti Trump vote as much as pro Biden.
• In an effort to regain the respect of the world. Current administration has made our country the laughing stock of the world and the headlines of sensationalized tabloids.
• Donald Trump has managed to completely mismanage the US policies on the environment, immigration, COVID 19 and economic recovery.
• Trump should be put in jail
• As Landscape Architects we have always been considered "stewards of the land," with an intrinsic desire and drive to preserve and protect natural systems and promote the health, safety, and welfare of the public. In four years of time, President Trump has done just the opposite. He has shredded and destroyed legislation and systems that were instilled to protect our planet and every human being throughout the world. He has done this simply because he wants dying companies and industries to prosper again (i.e. fossil fuel related), putting profits of private companies above the environment and above the health and happiness of every person on this earth. His actions are sooooo unethical, disgraceful, and wrong... period.
• Need to send the Republicans a message that their selling out the American public for a dictator will not be tolerated. Americans need to send a message and vote out every Republican up for office in 2020 and beyond.
• Trump has been a failure as President.
• This election is all about the future of the planet. And Trump is all about the future of himself.
• We need to bring people together to move this country forward.
• Character counts
• I'm a life long Republican, but did not vote for Trump this election year (mail in vote already) or in 2016. This is not my Republican party anymore.
• No additional comments are needed, just a massive change in government, leadership, and character.
• trump sucks.
• I don't see how a Landscape Architect could vote for Trump.
• I cannot support a political party (Republican) that does not take climate change and environmental stewardship as a serious issue.
• All Democrats
• It is hard to believe that ANY LA would vote for Trump. He has decimated the long hard gains in environmental protection and stewardship.
• For a profession dedicated to the blending of man, nature, art, and technology, there can be but one option...Stop the Madness!
• If you think it's chaotic now, you ain't seen nothing yet; this country will not survive if 45 is elected for 4 more years.
• I like presidents that don't destroy the environment ......... and don't get the virus.
• Trump is a danger to democracy
• trump is a fuck face
• Conserve the environment AND conserve the COUNTRY
• Vote in human dignity. A vote fore science, women's rights , Black Lives Matter,
• Climate change number one issue.
• I will also not vote for anyone who supported Trump, at any level.
• tRump is a disaster !
• Trump has destroyed many environmental regulations in favor of profits.
• We must address out of control situations that have no apparent policies in the current governance.
• Orange man bad, especially for the environment.
• If Trump wins, we are all screwed.
• The past four years has set environmental protection back decades. It's hard to imagine a worse president for our planet.
• That Over-baked Cheeto is a worthless piece of shit.
• Trumpwill end up in jail
• If Trump wins again, our country is done. I'm tired of the lies and the mismanagement, the botched response to COVID, the raping and pillaging of our public land and natural resources, and the denial of climate change. The disgrace of the kids in cages, whose lives have been ruined by Trump and his cronies. Bring back truth, decency,honesty, and science. BIDEN 2020
• We need to stop deviceiveness and pull this country together, and restore environmental protections.

• Voted early by mail
• Any state that exists as a constitutional republic, founded upon the principles, precepts, and mandates of the Holy Bible, having representatives of the people elected to a legislative body, should search out from among the people those whose faith in God compel them to lead the people by serving the people.
• I like Joe, but not his running mate or his policies. Not happy with Donald either, but I like about 75% of his policies.
• Works over promises of larger government. Both are buffoons in their own rights.
• Voting for democracy
• Least worst option.
• $14 billion spent in 2020 is double the amount spent 4 years ago on POTUS, Senate & House elections.
• Already voted, but not actually voting for a person. I'm voting for a platform and a direction for our nation that will provide security, economic prosperity for all races and strives to bring peace to the world
• Nine
• Really the only choice possible.
• Are you serious? Do you think there is an alternative if you want a future?
• Not thrilled on the options for our presidential choices. I believe the worst choices ever. Also do not have faith in future presidential election options for candidates. Our whole political system is messed up. MONEY DOES NOT GROW ON TREES NOR FALL FROM THE SKY. TOO MUCH EMPHASIS ON THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT PAYING FOR EVERYTHING. LETS GO TO A 10% TAX FOR ALL SIMPLIFY IT AND MAKE ALL MONEY EARNED TAXED THIS WAY.
• none
• Reluctantly...
• am a conservative Democrat

Survey Results:
Donald Trump: 78 votes
Joe Biden: 114 votes
Other: 3 votes


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