01-04-22 | News

Christina E. Hite, FASLA

Dix.Hite + Partners, Longwood, FL

Florida Chapter | Leadership/Management

A practicing landscape architect with over 30 years of experience in site planning and landscape architecture, Christina Hite is devoted to inclusion and diversity. Her highly effective leadership has advanced the impact of landscape architecture in a unique way. After the terrorist attack on Pulse Nightclub in Central Florida, Chris got involved in developing the vision and design for a memorial and museum on the site of the attack. Her firm, Dix.Hite, donated all professional services to the Interim Memorial, nearly 1,000 hours, and Chris stepped up to be Co-Chair of the Design and Construction Committee for the onePULSE Foundation. Dix.Hite recently joined the OUTSIDE sustainable landscape collaborative, with a goal to shift the state's landscape paradigm toward a future that incorporates research, policy, culture, and industry to position landscapes as a vital solution to the health and viability of Florida's natural resources. Chris and her firm were introducing native palettes and plants and championing low-impact development strategies long before it was commonplace. Her thought leadership has propelled the development of a thriving women-led firm and clients of global significance, and she has used her platform to inspire the next generation of landscape architects and engage the highest levels of the profession and academia.


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