09-01-22 | News

Biden Announces Appointments for Infrastructure Advisory Council

President Biden has Announced Appointments to the President's National Infrastructure Advisory Council
by Staff

The NIAC is in charge of reducing risk when it comes to the United States critical infrastructure.

On August 31, 2022, President Biden revealed that he will be appointing members to the President's National Infrastructure Advisory Council (NIAC) pulling from adjacent industries and government positions. The NIAC advises the federal government on ways to lessen the risks we face regarding security and resilience in critical infrastructure sectors.


The NAIC was started in 2001 and has completed numerous studies to address infrastructure problems such as communication between industry and the government, reduction of cyber risk, and preparation for issues that could occur in infrastructure development or maintenance.

The individuals that are slated to be appointed come from a wide range of backgrounds, all in the name of covering the broadest range of sectors, seeing as infrastructure is such an all-encompassing field. When combined with the recent Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, these new appointees will have more funding than ever to work to maintain and improve infrastructure projects around the country.


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