04-05-21 | Legislation

APA Outlines Legislative Initiatives

Association Calls for Climate Change Mitigation

The American Planning Association is calling congressional leaders to include climate change as a major component to transportation and infrastructure bills.

The American Planning Association (APA) outlined four areas of priority for their 2021 advocacy efforts. The broke their outline into four categories: recovery, transportation and broadband infrastructure, housing, and climate change. The association works under the belief that "planning plays a significant role in both climate change mitigation and adaption." Through this idea those have put forth a list of actions for Congress to support planners in these efforts. Part of their 2021 legislative initiatives, APA is calling for congressional leaders to:

- Make climate change an integral part of transportation and infrastructure legislation
- Advance state and local resiliency plans and projects
- Support planning for emerging clean technologies and green infrastructure

APA backs these initiatives with the intention of advancing sustainability and innovation while generating opportunities to create new jobs, "the right approach to climate change and hazard mitigation will reduce costs, save lives, and create jobs."


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