06-08-22 | Association News

APA Joins State Resilience Partnership

The American Planning Association has partnered to increase state disaster resilience
by Staff

The APA joins a multitude of other organizations to promote best practices in increasing state resilience to natural disasters, especially flooding.

The APA has recently joined the State Resilience Partnership, along with 19 other organizations, that is meant to educate lawmakers on the science and history behind flood and general disaster resilience. Led by the American Flood Coalition and the Pew Charitable Trusts, this partnership is designed to support state leaders in developing detailed plans for mitigating natural hazards, with a focus on flooding.

Research and professional expertise will be provided to these leaders to help craft detailed and accurate resilience strategies. The partnership will also develop their own research and promote research on effective ways to increase state resilience and mitigate damage from natural disasters.
The biggest issue brought to light by this group is the fact that many states do not have a comprehensive approach to natural disasters, nor do they try to predict what approach would work best for future mishaps. The State Resilience Partnership is pushing for states to put in place individual, custom, and informed plans for resilience.


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