08-02-22 | News

ALSA Announces Climate Action Plan

The ASLA Climate Action Plan is Designed Around Helping Landscape Architects Adapt to Climate Restrictions
by Staff

The ASLA plan on revealing the details of their plan at their national conference.

The American Association of Landscape Architects (ASLA) recently announced the formation of an offical Climate Action Plan. Designed to guide the Landscape Architecture practice to reduce carbon emissions over time. Specifically, the ASLA plans to transform the industry by 2040 including action on climate mitigation and adaptation as well as biodiversity, equity, and a number of other things. The plan will be made available during the ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture this year.


The Climate Action Plan is led by five people as part of a Task Force in addition to an Advisory Group meant to guide the plan through expertise on the climate side of the Landscape Architecture profession. The ASLA President, Eugenua Martin, had this to say regarding the plan, "Landscape architects are leaders in designing solutions to the climate and biodiversity crises that also provide multiple environmental, economic, social, and health co-benefits. ASLA purposefully included both established and emerging climate leaders in this critical Task Force, which will shape the profession far into the future," said Eugenia Martin, FASLA, ASLA President.


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