09-07-22 | News

What Cities can do About the Summer of Flooding

After Cities Experienced More Flooding than Ever, Professor Pushes for Better Resilient Infrastructure
by Staff

All over the US, there have been devastating floods, even in places where it rarely rains like Death Valley.

The United States has seen an unprecedented amount of flooding around the country this summer. Yellowstone, Death Valley, and storms in the South have pushed city officials to prepare for future disasters. Richard Rood, a Climate Professor from the University of Michigan, detailed some ways that cities can use the information they have collected from dealing with past flooding in preventing damage in the future.


One of the things that Rood points to is non-porous pavement as a large contributor towards urban flooding, as water runs off quickly instead of being absorbed by it. He encourages city planners to consider all of the potential vulnerabilities like this and look at them as an interconnected system, since they essentially are connected.


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