04-17-20 | Association News

The COVID-19 Impact on Credit Markets

Guidance from Moody's

Get the latest insight into the impact of the Coronavirus on the financial markets with a financial advice firm's ongoing series of interactive webinars and explore their latest research.

Moody's Analytics, which provides financial advice, analytical tools, comprised research, data, software and professional services to support growth, efficiency and risk management to businesses, is presenting a series of interactive webinars dealing with the impact of the Coronavirus on the financial markets. To register for these sessions:


Moody's is also offering a number of reports on their latest research. These include: "Macroeconomics - U.S. staggering surge in unemployment likely to be temporary", "Reopening Main Street: What it will take to help small- and medium-sized enterprises through 2020", and "State and local government - U.S.: Fed liquidity facility will help state and local governments cope with coronavirus crisis"

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