09-14-21 | News

Restart of Smart City Challenge Proposed

Legislation to Renew Introduced by NY Rep. Clarke

Rep. Yvette Clark has re-introduced the 2015 Smart City Challenge which would award grants to communities that integrate technology into city planning.

With the adaptation of smart cities on the horizon, Rep. Yvette Clark has introduced legislation to bring back the 2015 Department of Transportation Smart Cities Challenge.

In the bill, the Department of Transportation, in conjunction with other federal agencies will be responsible for reviving the updated Smart Cities Challenge. This innovative challenge would award annual grants to communities that integrate technology into city planning. The grant ranges from $5 million to $40 million with a $250 million cap for fiscal years, 2022 through 2025.

"My legislation will provide unprecedented funding assistance to diverse, underprivileged communities which will translate into lives saved, fewer crime incidents, shorter commutes, a reduced health burden, and carbon emissions averted," Rep. Clarke said, "Moreover, the START Act will ensure the federal government's role in supporting our Smart City efforts as we ready for the challenges of the coming decades."

The Smart Technologies for Accessible and Resilient Transportation (START) Act was developed to promote innovative technology that would improve access, equity, and data security while reducing traffic congestion, costs, and carbon emissions. In addition, smaller grants will be available as well for communities researching the smart transportation benefits.


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