07-22-20 | Association News

NRPA Virtual Replaces In-Person Conference

Registration Begins August 3

2020 NRPA Annual Conference: A Virtual Experience is being promoted by the association to have the best features of the former meetings while capitalizing on the advantages of the online platform.

Conferences throughout the industry have been postponed or canceled to accommodate safety concerns during the pandemic. In order to provide a substitute experience, many organizations are creating virtual events. NRPA is among the associations that made the decision to go a different direction with their conference. They recently announced that they will be hosting the 2020 NRPA Annual Conference: A virtual Experience (NRPA Virtual). The online meeting will be taking place on October 27 through 29.


In a letter written by Amanda Hersey, NRPA director of conferences, she wrote, "Although we cannot recreate the magic that happens when 8,000 park and recreation professionals and advocates gather all in one place, we are thrilled that NRPA Virtual will not only bring us all together as a park and recreation community but will also serve as a platform for networking and exchanging ideas in new and imaginative ways."

Hersey continues her letter by explaining the different features the conference will offer. She assured her attendees that NRPA would include the best components the in-person meeting offered while maximizing the online platform's deliverance. In doing this, Hersey noted the addition of innovation and the inclusion of interactive capabilities. "Most importantly," said Hersey, they "will be leveraging the unique opportunity the online format offers to foster collaboration and connection with park and recreation professionals around the country and potentially the world."

Registration for the conference will open on August 3. This year they are relaunching their NRPA Annual Conference Sweepstakes in which two individuals will be awarded registration. The deadline to sign up for the sweepstakes is August 2, and the winners will be announced the following day. Updates will follow as the conference approaches.


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