09-15-21 | Association News

NRPA Announced Fifteenth Directors School Graduating Class

Two- Year Program Includes 41 Graduates

NRPA announced 41 graduates of their 15th Directors School graduating class recently.

The National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) recently announced the completion of the 2021 Directors School for 41 graduates across the country.

The NRPA Directors School is an exclusive professional development program that lasts two years and prepares new park and recreation directors for success in these leadership positions. Directors School was comprised of several subject areas including leadership for diversity and cultural awareness, environmental sustainability and climate and creating a high-performance agency.

"We are incredibly proud of the 41 graduates of this year's Directors School. For the second consecutive year, students at the Directors School have completed the program entirely virtually, demonstrating the continuing need to empower parks and recreation professionals at a time when local parks and recreation facilities are more important than ever," said Philip Silva, Director of Learning at NRPA, "What is most encouraging is that students will take the knowledge they learned at the Directors School back to their local communities. With their newfound expertise, they will be powerful advocates for services, facilities and public spaces that lead to healthier, more equitable communities."

Graduates of this year's NRPA Directors School include, Tyrone Allen, CPSI; Meagan Arvidson, CPRP; Angela Barstad, CPRP; Jenny Bechtold, CPRP; Alyssa Benway, CPRP; Jeffrey Bransford, CPRP; Nikki Caldwell, CPRP; Jill Coffman, CPRP; Mary Colton, CPRP; Richard Compton, Jr.; Andrew Dallner, CPRP; Lisa Davol, CPRE; Shirley Deibler, CPRP; Katie Gamroth, CPRP; Cesar Garcia, CPRP, AFO; Wendy Hartnett, CPRE, AFO; Corey Holmes, Sr.; Matthew Johnson, CPRP; Meredith Lawrence, CPRP, CPSI; James Lillibridge, Jr., CPRP; Elisabeth Lingo; Jarod Logsdon, CPRP; Jason McCray; Brett McCubbin, CPRE, CPSI; Sandra Montgomery, CPRE; Derek Muller, CPRP; Carmen Powlen-Stogsdill; Darris Sawyer, CPRP; Ronald Schneider, CPRE; Jeanne Sprague, CPRP; Chris Treat, CPRP; Brad Tullberg; Cory Vander Veen, CPRP; Jennifer Waller; Alicia Walters, CPRP, CTRS; David Wells; Bob Williams, CPRP; Katrina Williams, CPRP; Kyle Wintermute, CPRP; Debbie Woodbury, CPRP; and Jay Worley, CPRP.


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