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NLC Wants Police Reform

Requesting Resolution from DOJ and Congress
by Staff

The National League of Cities recognizes the need for critical change, committing themselves to help promote racial equity in our justice system.

In response to the police officer-involved killings and claims of excessive force by officers, the National League of Cities' (NLC) Board of Directors has unanimously approved a Resolution on the Use of Force by Municipal Law Enforcement Officers.

NLC, who states they are the voice of America's cities, towns and villages, representing more than 200 million people, is urging for reforms that they claim communities are desperately asking for.

The proposed resolution calls on the Department of Justice to update the Use of Force Continuum, policies containing appropriate actions and levels of force officers may take when attempting to resolve a situation, as well as for Congress to bring into law new legislation such as:


• provide additional funding for the community oriented policing grant program to help local law enforcement agencies implement and improve racial bias and de-escalation training

• provide additional federal funding and technical assistance to local governments to help administer mental health and wellness services to law enforcement officers

• establish a National Database of Decertified Officers that local governments can use to vet officers who have been dismissed for such issues as unnecessary or excessive use of force, abuse of power, racial discrimination, and violation of an individual's civil rights

The resolution also makes recommendations to municipal leaders for appropriate "use of force policies" by law enforcement agencies. This includes de-escalation techniques, prohibiting maneuvers that limit a person's ability to breathe or restricts blood flow such as a chokehold and for law enforcement executives to take immediate disciplinary action against officers who use unnecessary or excessive force.

NLC President and former police officer Joe Buscaino expressed his support of the resolution and said, "public safety is the most important service cities can deliver to their residents."

Read the full resolution here:

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