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Next Thursday Webinar with Brandy Williams, Garden Butterfly

Designing Pollinator Friendly Landscapes in Urban Communities
by Staff

Join founder and designer of Garden Butterfly, Brandy Williams for her upcoming live webinar on March 9th at 11am PST. Scheduling conflict? Register early to receive the recording link shortly after the webinar is over.

Webinar Description:
Pollinator friendly gardens and landscapes can increase local biodiversity in disturbed and altered ecosystems through site preparation, plant sourcing and plant selection, water-efficient landscaping methods, landscape maintenance and best management practices. Landscape professionals and the general public can create partnerships to restore natural habitat by providing opportunities that transform gardens and landscapes to meet the needs of beneficial insects, local pollinators, and other wildlife. Learn how an urban residential landscape in South Los Angeles attracts and supports local pollinators, successfully incorporates water conservation methods through landscape design and vegetation, and serves as a place for beauty, inspiration, and community partnerships.

Learning Objectives:
1. At the conclusion of this seminar, participants will identify water efficient landscaping methods to consider for small scale residential landscapes.
2. At the conclusion of this seminar, participants will have learned basic design features of a pollinator friendly landscape.
3. Participants will be able to identify five elements of a pollinator friendly landscape.

Brandy Williams
Brandy Williams is founder and creative designer of Garden Butterfly, a boutique landscape company focused on creating small-scale and highly-curated ecologically friendly gardens and pollinator habitats. Brandy's creations include botanically diverse succulent, native and drought-tolerant mosaics for residential landscapes. Her work blends horticultural expertise with an artist's eye to create permanent gardens and bespoke installations. She is on to show that together we can create beautiful, environmentally and pollinator safe cities.

March 9th at 11am PST


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