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Myths and Truths of Non-Toxic Landscaping

April 14 at 10:00am - 11:30pm PDT

Join the Landscape Expo Academy and Joe Frisbie for a live webinar and earn CEUs/PDHs.

Learn why landscapes are vital to urban infrastructure development and healthy communities.

Formal landscapes may have been invented in the "Old World" but they reached their nadir here in America. The largest cash group in America is turfgrass. Landscaping is a 100-billion-dollar industry built around the concept of a lush pest free garden of Eden.

But home owners, HOA, school districts, city and county agencies, your customers, are becoming aware of the facts. The most commonly used materials; synthetic fertilizers and pest control chemicals are products of the petrochemical industry. So, besides their toxicity to the immediate environment, they contribute immensely in the overall picture of air pollution and climate change. Many of your customers are seeking and some are legislating for alternatives; Irvine, Laguna Hills, Richmond.

Well maintained landscapes can provide us with a ton of benefits for our urban lifestyles without most of the chemistry we currently use.

Learning Objectives
1. Why you have weeds, insects, and disease in your landscapes
2.Who said current BMP is best
3.What is better than Pesticides
4.What is a right and wrong with IPM
5. Make more money with less effort


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About the Speaker:
Joe Frisbie
Water Management Group

Landscape Professional with over 40 years of experience in all phases of landscape design, installation and maintenance management. My current fields of emphasis are chemical free pest control (weeds, insects, and disease) processes, ecosystem restoration and irrigation system auditing and management. My past work experience includes Integrated Pest Management (QAL); all phases of irrigation-design, installation, maintenance, and management; Landscape design, installation and maintenance-residential, CII, and municipal; Norwalk, Santa Fe Springs, City of Newport Beach, and Irvine are locations of some projects.

I have held various field technician or supervisory positions with Turfgreen Landcare, Artistic Maintenance, and Complete Landscape Care. In addition, I ran my own landscape maintenance and tree care/trimming company for 20 years; California Earthscapes and through acquisition Lang's Tree Service.

11years auditing residential, CII, and city irrigation systems for Golden State Water, Upper San Gabriel Water district and Cal American Water as an outside contractor; AquaSave.

Have lectured on Irrigation Management and Chemical Free Landscape Practices with DPR, and ISA continuing education credits. Taught Irrigation System analyst, installation, and maintenance, and Irrigation System Auditing for Irrigator Tech.

Certifications': QWEL, CLCA Water Management (dormant), Backflow Certified Orange County (dormant), California Certified QAL (dormant), California Certified QAC-superseded by QAL qualification

Webinar Details:
Myths and Truths of Non-Toxic Landscaping

April 14, 10:00am - 11:30pm PDT

1 Credit - QWEL


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