10-06-20 | Department

Malik Outdoor - Vendor Preview

Changing the Design World

Since its beginning, Malik Outdoor has been a leader in offering innovative furnishings.

In our line you will find some of the world's great designs from industry leaders such as Bellitalia, Benkert Banke, City Design, Lab23 and Puczynski. You will find experiments with materials and shapes. You will find forms created from minds that never stop thinking about possibilities. It is from these concepts that Malik Gallery strives to deliver to you the finest possible site furnishings in design and quality. Combined with a national sales and distribution network, Malik Outdoor is the choice of designers across the nation who seek the best in design.


Contact Information
Malik Outdoor
23587 Foley Street
Hayward, CA 94545
1-510 784-8930


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