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Knoxville, Tennessee

Hedstrom Landscape Architecture, LLC. is a full-service landscape architecture firm bringing creative design and detailing to projects of varying types and scales. Founded in 2007 by Principal Sara Hedstrom Pinnell, the six-member firm is committed to improving the lives of our local and regional neighbors through thoughtful, collaborative design and attention to detail. We strive to enhance the relationship between people and their environment by designing functional, sustainable, and accessible places with an emphasis on beauty, comfort, and compatibility with natural and built surroundings. The firm's diverse public and private sector work focuses on developing implementable designs that are unique to each client, site, and program.

Blackberry Farm Homes
Since 2007, Hedstrom has had the privilege of working on projects at Blackberry Farm, a picturesque 4,200-acre estate featuring a luxury Relais & Chateux hotel and resort, working farmstead, amenity spaces, and private homes. Projects include planning for new development and circulation routes, site design for guest arrival, dining, wellness, and activity facilities, and landscape plans for many private homes and rental cottages. The landscape is an integral part of Blackberry's charm. Reinforcing Blackberry's idyllic setting and memorable experience through landscape design is a common thread in all our work for the property. An overriding goal with each project is to preserve the natural environment by carefully siting structures and circulation to minimize disturbance, highlighting unique site features, and healing all areas disturbed by construction activity.


Dollywood Wildwood Grove
Hedstrom developed the planting design for Dollywood's 6-acre theme park expansion. Wildwood Grove is a whimsical land inspired by an imaginative childhood spent exploring the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. Beyond the fallen hollow log entry, a lush landscape of 80% native plants forms a natural backdrop for 11 family-friendly attractions. Hedstrom collaborated with the client's creative team to refine entry and focal elements and worked closely with a local nursery to grow native plants that are authentic to an East Tennessee mountain environment.

North Central Streetscape
As part of a phased City of Knoxville redevelopment project, the renovation of 12-blocks of North Central Street facilitates multimodal transportation and incorporates traffic calming measures such as crosswalks, bulb-outs, and planted medians. The primarily native plant palette helps beautify the neighborhood while addressing community requests for an environmentally friendly landscape. A new passive linear park increases pervious area and serves as a greener, more pedestrian friendly gateway to the historic commercial area.

Pinnacle Plaza
Hedstrom Landscape Architecture led design and construction phase services for the complete revamp of Pinnacle's dated and deteriorating plaza. The modernized space features an open layout, durable materials, and movable furniture to support daily use while expanding opportunities for events and programming. The renovation improves visibility, accessibility, and greenway connectivity, and incorporates East Tennessee landscape elements in the plantings, berms, and fountain.

Doug Dickey Hall of Fame Plaza
A nondescript entrance to the Neyland-Thompson Sports Center was transformed into a welcoming plaza that honors the legacy of the University of Tennessee Athletic Program. The renovation supports UT's Campus Landscape Vision by improving the pedestrian realm, incorporating the East Tennessee landscape, and providing comfortable space for student interaction and special events. A consistent plant and materials palette visually integrates the new space with the broader campus, and reconfigured circulation solved accessibility and safety issues.


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