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Fletcher Studio, San Francisco, California

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Fletcher Studio is an innovative and award-winning collaborative practice providing comprehensive professional services in Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, and Environmental Planning. The firm is committed to a coactive and contextual approach to spatial design practice, and to the planning of unique and sustainable landscapes, urban spaces, and living infrastructures. Design and planning solutions are proposed based on interactions with diverse stakeholders, and respond to the processes, histories, policies, economies and ecologies that are specific to a place. The firm is based in San Francisco, with projects throughout the West Coast.

South Park, San Francisco, CA

Above: Fletcher Studio was honored to have been selected to reimagine San Francisco's oldest public space. The award-winning design transformed what was once an English strolling garden into a richly integrated and multi-faceted community space. Close collaboration with neighbors, community groups, and city agencies yielded a design that is totally unique to the park. The park is now universally accessible, due to careful consideration of circulation and topography. South Park succeeds as an ecologically and socially sustainable park, setting the stage for use, connection, and delight while creating a space that is both magnetic and evolving.

Ropewalk, San Francisco, CA

Left: The Ropewalk is located in San Francisco's Historic Dogpatch District. The site was once home to the Tubbs Cordage Company, a maritime ropemaking factory, whose pier extended far out into the waters of the bay. The site once mediated the boundary between water and land. Taking inspiration from the site's industrial past, ecological past, and maritime history, we designed an engaging public passageway that offers the opportunities to interact with its history. The design consists of a meandering elevated boardwalk, which floats over a constructed bio-retention wetland and connects two distinctly different public plazas. These plazas feature an outdoor museum, interactive art, and a variety of custom designed furnishings.

Mariposa Greenway, San Francisco, CA

Above: The Mariposa Greenway design is inspired by a creek that was once located on the site, and still flows beneath it. A new public mid-block passage meanders and flows through a new mixed-use housing development, The Mason on Mariposa. Natural stone is found throughout, creating eddies and places to rest. Each plaza features a regional stone that has been dynamically cut and reconfigured to create a form of natural sculpture. This passage includes a series of "social eddies" and confluences, plazas and spaces that support a range of activities. Fletcher Studio was asked to design the project spaces, amenities, ornamental fencing, project signage, and custom sculptural lighting elements.

Healdsburg Parks, Connectivity and River Access Master Plan, Healdsburg, CA

Right: The City of Healdsburg is located in Sonoma County, approximately 70 miles north of San Francisco, situated along the Russian River. The City operates over 350 acres of open space preserves and public parks. Fletcher Studio was selected by the City of Healdsburg to develop a comprehensive open space and connectivity master plan for the City's parks, open spaces, and natural resources with a particular emphasis on green modes of transportation and safety. Included in this plan were proposals for two large public parks.
Badger Park is located on the south side of the City, along the Russian River, and is the City's largest park in its present inventory. The park's current programming includes community gardens, a children's play area, a dog park, and a large walking circuit. However, the site's needs and usage have formalized and increased. Further, the park is expected to be a key recreation area for the Mill District, a 9.6-acre community being developed in Downtown Healdsburg. Fletcher Studio is working with the City of Healdsburg's Parks Design Team, Inter-Fluve hydrological engineers, and the Russian Riverkeeper organization to develop strategies for a resilient, floodable park that safely connects people to the river, enhances eco-literacy, and supports both social and natural ecologies.

Montage Park is 36 acres in size and has seen various strategies developed ranging from intensive athletic facilities, to a passive walking and hiking program. Fletcher Studio is currently working with the City, NCRM, BKF, and the community to explore programming strategies that complement the city's current needs and expands the potential for the inclusion of public arts, heritage agriculture, and different blends of passive and active recreation.


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