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CAME Americas Automation - Vendor Preview

Access Control: Turnstiles and Bollards

Taking into account the new needs of the market, CAME has designed
a series of solutions that regulate pedestrian access control, this way, buildings can control who enters and who exits, how many times they do so and for what purpose.

CAME turnstiles can adapt with different technologies and designs that can meet all the needs of pedestrian access. Going from compact tripod turnstiles and motorized solutions controlled by a built-in electronic card to full height access systems.

CAME has the ability to protect residential buildings, offices, hotels or outdoor public places that require robust and compact systems that in turn provide elegance and comfort.

The range of turnstiles and devices is now wider, and each part is developed with the highest quality standards and designed for each client or for each project process.


Innovative and functional solutions that are revolutionizing the security market, suitable for all types of traffic control and selection requirements, and fully compatible with all modern access control systems.

We also develop high security solutions that protect sensitive areas, buildings or people; For this we have CAME bollards, which with their design, technology and power become a necessary mechanism for the security of modern cities.

Ensuring the safety of buildings and people became the main objective of these bollards that are the result of several years of work and that work to protect any type of space, providing security and tranquility to those who reside or transit these scenarios.

Another excellent option to protect sensitive areas are the "Road Blockers", specifically designed for total blockage of vehicles, and guaranteeing the safety of everyone within the determined area.

From protection from attacks on large vehicles, through the protection of strategic access points from terrorist attacks, to the protection of sensitive spaces for vulnerable people. Solutions that offer security to any space
or environment.

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5863 NW 159th Street
Miami Lakes, FL 33014 USA
T (+01) 305-433-3307
F (+01) 305-396-3331


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