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BEGA Q and A with the Experts

A Conversation with Alec Veldhuizen, Business Development Manager
by Staff

Who is BEGA?

For more than 75 years, BEGA has been producing high-quality outdoor lighting solutions for virtually all areas of architecture. With a focus on timeless design and a steadfast commitment to quality above all, we consistently develop standard-setting products that have been specified on projects across the globe.
BEGA's mission is to build quality into everything we do. We aim to foster trust, build community, embrace growth, and live responsibly. Uniting these elements has enabled us to remain the preeminent world leader in architectural outdoor solutions.

Why move into the furniture space?

Guided by our vision to be the industry's premier provider of architectural outdoor lighting, control, and furniture solutions, BEGA is committed to developing cohesive products that adapt to the needs of the specification community. As the outdoor living trend continues to accelerate, architectural designers are placing a renewed focus on the creation of beautiful and well-maintained parks, terraces, and outdoor leisure spaces.
Leveraging core competencies forged over 75 years of success in architectural outdoor lighting, BEGA Furniture delivers comfortable, functional, and timeless designs of the highest quality. Incorporating a family-based approach, BEGA's complimentary furniture and lighting solutions seamlessly integrate with the built environment.


What challenges does BEGA Furniture solve?

At BEGA, we have an unwavering commitment to quality above all. BEGA Furniture is made with high-quality materials that harmonize with the built environment while ensuring design continuity, functionality, durability, and sustainability.
• Design Continuity:
We aim to bring built environments to life by harmonizing different materials via family-driven designs. Whether using standard BEGA products or our collections, designers will have access to a range of complimentary products. To maintain consistency with BEGA lighting solutions, all finished metal components for BEGA Furniture come in standard BEGA finishes.
• Functionality:
BEGA Furniture offers a wide range of solutions for functional outdoor spaces. Initial offerings include tables, benches, chairs, waste management, planters, bike racks, stakes, and partitions.
• Durability:
BEGA Furniture is made with a combination of different materials. Premium metal components are finished in BEGA Unidure?(R), providing exceptional protection from the elements and the highest level of fade resistance. BEGA wood components are unaffected by temperature, humidity, precipitation, or insect predators. In addition to wood, metal is combined with High Pressure Laminate, which can withstand extreme temperatures, is scratch and impact resistant, is very easy to maintain, and holds up year-round in outdoor settings. Lastly, our RENDEZVOUS Collection by Aubrilam includes High-Performance Concrete components, which have high density, dimensional stability, and resistance to chemical and environmental elements.
• Sustainability:
At BEGA, we are committed to environmental responsibility and minimizing our impact on our planet. We carefully select materials for our products, considering their recyclability and longevity to maximize their lifespan and promote a cradle-to-cradle lifecycle.

Where is BEGA Furniture manufactured?

At our new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Denver, Colorado, spanning over 150,000 square feet.

When can I begin specifying BEGA furniture?

BEGA Furniture is available today!

How can I buy BEGA Furniture?

To order BEGA Furniture directly with BEGA North America, reach out to


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