Reading Rock, Inc. Q and A with the Experts10-09-23 | Feature

Reading Rock, Inc. Q and A with the Experts

A Conversation with Ryan Miller, AVP Hardscapes
by Staff

What new advancement are you planning?

As one of the first five concrete paver manufacturers in the US, Reading Rock has once again raised the bar with the introduction of PaverLock Elite pavers. With numerous styles and vibrant color choices, your design options are limitless. With the introduction of PaverLock Elite, we have combined an industry leading elite paver collection with our Engineered Wall Solutions package to help designers and contractors complete any space they design or install.

How have the designs of your products changed over the years?

Demand and design of hardscape products over the past 10+ years has changed dramatically. In addition to increased demand, aesthetic requirements require cleaner lines, larger slabs and more vibrant colors and textures. PaverLock Elite, manufactured on Besser Company's newest Servopac Infinity machine, is truly a market leading product.

What makes Reading Rock the top choice for Landscape Architects?

Reading Rock has listened to the requests of Landscape Architects for over 40 years and we have created a complete line of face mix pavers to meet the demand of any project. From rooftop outdoor living areas, water management solutions with permeable pavers to residential and commercial on grade applications, we have the paver you need to complete your project with PaverLock Elite. When you add an industry leading wall portfolio from Reading Rock, you have single sourced solutions to meet and exceed the expectations of every owner!

What makes the PaverLock Elite pavers unique?

We are using cutting edge technology when producing PaverLock Elite, from the aggregates, batching, production, curing and packaging, all have been selected to ensure the finished product is the very best you can find. Our unique manufacturing process allows for color consistency, vibrancy and variegation not currently available in the market.

What drives your creative process when working with Landscape Architects?

Listening drives how we help solve the need of each landscape architect we work with. What are the driving forces behind the project? Color? Style? Texture? Budget? How is this tying into the surrounding area and will there be additional phases? Our primary goal is to better understand each application by asking good questions and then by using our knowledge of our products AND our manufacturing capabilities, we will help steer each customer to the best solution.