07-20-21 | News

AASHTO Issued a Policy Updating Surface Transportation Priorities

11 Key Principles Are Released as An Update To 2019 Policies
by Staff

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) released a 15-page white paper that updates the organization's surface transportation guidelines. The policy addresses several critical issues that have become more prevalent over the last two years since the reauthorization policies in 2019.

A key policy update included to "engage in the vital work of advancing racial justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion as individuals and as an institution."


Titled "Policy Recommendations on Key Surface Transportation Priorities," this white paper focused on 11 key principles Equity; Safety; Transit; Passenger Rail; Resilience; "Fix It Right" and Performance Management; Greenhouse Gas Reduction; Broadband Deployment; Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure; Bridges; and "Buy America" mandates.

AASHTO also stated that they strongly support other priority state departments of transportation development of a resilient transportation system that also has the ability to mitigate both natural and man-made disasters like hurricanes or terrorist attacks.

AASHTO agreed as well with the Biden administration's opinion that broadband internet is the 'new electricity,' meaning that in order for Americans to do their jobs, attend and perform in school, communication, and health care.

The association updated expectations in areas like work and school zones, pedestrian ways, bicycle lanes to add emphasis to safety.

AASHTO emphasized that prioritizing funds to infrastructure like bridges called 'asset classes' instead of investigating the management of the transportation departments from a different perspective is concerning.


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